Kristian Macanga
Based in Zagreb, Croatia

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Prototypes, experiments, game jams. Genres: point and click adventure, hack'n'slash RPG, match3 puzzle, 2D platformer, twin-stick shooter, side-scroller shooter. Responsibilities: game design, programming, and project management.

Agram 2113
Point and click adventure built during Animafest game jam. This is how my hometown Zagreb would look in 2113th. The current city major Milan Bandic has found a way to become an android, so he is still ruling the city. The game features point and click adventure mechanics mixed with mechanical puzzles.

The Glitch
Adventure puzzle platformer built during Reboot Infogamer gamejam. Won best design award. The Glitch-o-nauts {(3ddj331”)} - They are a trained group of Bit-people that can jump from the Aetherial to the world that Aetherial created. Once in that world, they can try to fix it and remove the glitches.

Twin-stick shooter with tower defense elements. Best Design Award at Reboot InfoGamer Game Jam, developed in 2 days.

Begg-y 5000
Click to beg. Buy various junk, dress up, and impress different people. You will face various classes: rich and poor, elderly and children, police and thieves. Buy food to survive. Manage various resources and buy enough parts to construct the spaceship, and return back to your home planet. Developed during Ludum Dare 31 game jam.

Sakura Fantasy
My responsibility was to develop a parser that would enable writers and designers to implement dialogues, scenes, dialogue choices, and the character's animations quickly by writing a story and text commands in a text document. I also developed a visual editor for the world map.

Sakura Knights
Developed and designed an unique match 3 combat system and mechanics.

Video Game: The Game
A quick Flash explosion of noise and eye-bleeding animation that seeks to capture the essence of what makes games these days popular. Made for Indies vs PewDiePie game jam in collab with Guy Unger and Tyler Myers.

Twin-stick arena shooter inspired by Death VS Monstars. Travel through and annihilate the world of viruses and bacterias to save the sick puppies.

The 2nd game I ever made. Box2D physics game where you have to juggle too many balls.

Memory TV
Basically a memory game, developed a testing prototype for Croatian TV station. It took 1 day to develop this!

Treasures In The Dark
The 1st game I ever made. I challenged myself to make a game without using almost any art assets, since I didn't know any artists at the time. This is a story of a passionate treasure hunter. Altough he was blind, he never gave up. He let his nose lead him to happiness. Basically, a math puzzle, you will have to figure out where the treasures are based on the environmental hints.

The Maw
Dark Souls inspired action adventure horror game, collaboration with Brandon Yanez and Stephen Oakley.


Amper&Sand Gameplay YouTube

PewDiePie Let's Play Video Game: The Game YouTube


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Game Jams, Prototypes Credits

Kristian Macanga
Game Designer, Programmer, Game Director

Guy Unger
Video Game: The Game, The Glitch - Game Designer, Artist, Programmer

Tyler Myers
Video Game: The Game - Artist

Aleksandar Vjestica
Agram 2113 - artist

Lena Maštruko
Agram 2113 - artist

Tena Galović
The Glitch - artist

Ante Jelušić
The Glitch - writer

Martina Stražičić
Begg-y 5000 - artist

Damir Čivrak
Memory TV - designer, artist

Winged Cloud
Sakura games - director, developer, artist

Brandon Yanez
The Maw - 3d artist

Stephen Oakley
The Maw - concept artist

Dora Ingrid Perković
Amper&Sand - Artist

Marko Dješka
Amper&Sand - Artist

Filip Neduk
Amper&Sand - Artist