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About Me

Founder of Gungrounds and a passionate game developer with more than 12 years of experience in game development, game direction, game design, and programming.

With over eight years of experience in game design and direction, I have a solid foundation in game mechanics and systems, combat design, game feel and feedback, and level design. My expertise extends to designing enemies, weapons, and upgrades, managing stats and game progression, ensuring game balance, and developing missions, quests, user interfaces, themes, and lore to craft compelling gaming experiences.

I bring more than twelve years of development and programming experience across various languages and frameworks, with a particular focus on Unity and C#. My skills encompass gameplay programming, establishing project code structures, optimizing performance, and creating custom frameworks. I excel in object-oriented programming design and patterns, developing level editors, animations, and special effects, and building user interfaces and physics systems. My experience includes managing frontend and backend communication, supporting cross-platform and multiple resolutions, and porting between programming languages such as C++, ActionScript 3, C#, and Haxe. I am proficient with various APIs, Github, Trello, Hubstaff, and more.

Throughout my career, I have a proven track record of releasing games and leading teams of artists, musicians, programmers, and other creative professionals. My leadership and collaborative skills have been instrumental in bringing game concepts to life and ensuring projects are completed to the highest standards.

Gungrounds, established in 2016 in Zagreb, Croatia, is an independent video game developer specializing in game development of shooter games and level editor tools.

Our journey began with developing and porting Flash games, for awesome folks like Jan Willem Nijman, Kyle Pulver, and Greg Lobanov, backed by sponsors such as Armor Games, Newgrounds, Kongregate, Nickelodeon Addicting Games, and Miniclip. Our first release on the Steam platform, 'Rocking Pilot,' was developed in partnership with Mad Head Games.

Our most recent title, 'Serious Sam: Tormental,' has been recognized with several awards, including the 'ID Xbox GDC Choice' and 'SGC Indie Choice Award'. It was co-funded by Croteam and published by Devolver Digital.

Currently, developing 'Murder Book' and 'Immunauts', having secured Creative Europe MEDIA grants for both projects. In collaboration with Fumi Studio (MOUSE), also working on 'Galaxi Taxi'.



Serious Sam: Tormental - Release Trailer YouTube

Galaxi Taxi YouTube

Rocking Pilot: Choppa Moments #1 YouTube

Rocking Pilot: Choppa Moments #2 YouTube

Spitfire Inferno YouTube

Gungrounds Booth YouTube


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Game Events

  • "Game Developers Conference, San Francisco" - Microsoft Xbox ID Booth, Serious Sam: Tormental
  • "EGX Rezzed, London" - Microsoft Xbox ID Booth, Serious Sam: Tormental
  • "Tokyo Game Show" - Reboot Booth, Serious Sam: Tormental
  • "Gamescom, Cologne, Germany" - Croteam Booth, Tormental
  • "Slovenian Games Conference" - Serious Sam: Tormental, Spitfire: Inferno, Rocking Pilot
  • "Central European Games Conference, Vienna, Austria" - Spitfire: Inferno, Rocking Pilot
  • "Reboot Develop, Dubrovnik/Split, Croatia" - Serious Sam: Tormental, Spitfire: Inferno, Rocking Pilot
  • "Reboot Infogamer, Zagreb, Croatia" - Serious Sam: Tormental, Spitfire: Inferno, Rocking Pilot
  • "GameUp, Belgrade/Novi Sad, Serbia" - Serious Sam: Tormental, Spitfire: Inferno, Rocking Pilot
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Awards & Recognition

  • "ID Xbox GDC Choice 2018" - Serious Sam: Tormental
  • "Nominee Reboot Develop 2018 Outstanding Gameplay" - Serious Sam: Tormental
  • "SGC Indie Choice Award 2017" - Serious Sam: Tormental
  • "Nominee Reboot Infogamer Best Gameplay 2017" - Serious Sam: Tormental
  • "Machina Game Jam Best Design 2015" - The Glitch
  • "Reboot Infogamer Best Design 2014" - Amper and Sand
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Reboot Infogamer 2018.jpg

Selected Articles

  • "..it's so much fun hurting the enemies! Super good sense of momentum!"
    - Rami Ismail, Twitter
  • "I'm a 52 year old guy and been playing games since Atari 2600 back in 1977 and this game is awesome."
    - Serious Sam: Tormental Player, Check The Steam Review Here
  • "Serious Sam is temporarily shifting perspectives as it takes a trip into series antagonist Mental's twisted mind."
    - Fraser Brown, PC Gamer